We offer a varied and unique selection of freshwater fish. Whether you would like a comet goldfish or a black arowana, we have most everything you could be looking for. We also have a live bearer section with platies, fancy guppies, mollies and sword tails. Twenty tanks of different types of tetras. Lots of  barbs and gouramis. If cichlids are your thing we have many African and South American varieties to choose from in many different sizes as well. Ten tanks of goldfish offer comets, orandas, shubunkins, moors, lionheads. For you pond hobbyist we have koi and butterfly koi. Lots of freshwater sharks, parrot fish, glofish and rainbowfish and even freshwater puffers.  Don’t forget to check out our weird and rare section with species like arowanas, bichers, knife fish and freshwater moray eels and stone fish to name a few. We also have some cool freshwater invertebrates that will go in most community aquariums like red, fiddler and rainbow crabs, ghost and cherry shrimp as well. Two large tanks of live plants will give you 15-20 different species to choose from, and plants are always buy 2 get one free. Special orders are always available, and new fish arrive every Wednesday.


If marine fish and invertebrates are what you’re after, our selection gives you an ever changing variety of damsels, clowns, tangs angelfish and many others. New shipments arrive every Wednesday and there is always something new to see. Invertebrates like crabs, shrimp, feather dusters, urchins, sea slugs and snails are also available. We have twenty eight separate tanks to look through with usually a few to many different species in each one. We make sure all marine life is eating and well adjusted to tank life before sending it home. We also do frequent water changes to keep everything happy and healthy. Our entire staff is knowledgeable in saltwater care and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for anything rare or unique, special orders are always available.


Filters by Aqueon, Canister filters by Aquatop and Pen Plax. Three varieties of heaters with many wattage’s to choose from. Most any plant or ornament you could need. A large variety of newer style LED lighting systems. Flake, pellet and frozen fish foods for all varieties of aquarium fish. Medications, test kits, and water conditioners by Aqueon, Seachem, Kent Marine, API, and Jungle. All different sizes of nets and algae scrapers including magnet scrapers. Tanks, hoods, canopies, and setups from 1 gallon to 125 gallon always in stock. Larger  sizes of aquariums up to 265 gallon can be special ordered.